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One All was founded to teach life and leadership skills through sport to our youth. Our after school programs promote fitness and wellness through tennis. Below you can find resources we’ve organized to help you stay educated and informed on after school programs, physical education, and health and wellness.

After School Programs

Millions of kids are on their own during the after school hours. Below you will find a link to more information on after school hours and the benefits of after school programs from Afterschool Alliance.

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Check out this video from the USTA on after school tennis programs!

Health & Wellness

Physical activity, like the sports programming at One All, improves academic performance, increases self-confidence, and reduces the risk of obesity and chronic health conditions.

Follow the external link to read an NPR article on tackling obesity in childhood.

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Leadership Development

The experiences and life lessons gained through the One All afterschool program will assist youth in transitioning from school to career and prepare them for future success in any field. Through their interactions with teammates, youth will build confidence and learn teamwork. The dedicated coaches and staff at One All will promote values of service leadership.

Read more from Psychology Today debunking the myth that great leaders are born not made.

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