One All Tennis Programs

One All Tennis Programs and Events

The One All Tennis Team is having such a blast sharing our love of tennis, knowledge of leadership and benifites of health and wellness with the youths in East County.  We decided we needed to expand our programs to include children of all  ages.

Join us for one or all of our programs as we continue our efforts to champion the cause of giving all youth the tools to live a healthy lifestyle, the skills to make their dreams a reality, and the kindness of heart to make the world a better place


Tennis Festivals

One All Tennis Festivals are free community events to give young players and parents an opportunity to participate in a fun day of tennis play with good friends, food, community, and prizes! All ages are encouraged to learn the basics of tennis and enjoy time to play as a family.


After School Tennis

The One All After School Tennis program is structured so all students will learn and play together regardless of their skill level. We have quite a unique program that combines students of all levels and allows the new students to learn from the returning students and the returners to gain valuable leadership and teamwork skills in the process.

After School

Clinics / Play Days

One All Tennis Clinics provide children and adults with additional opportunities to learn and play tennis. The Play Days are designed to introduce competitive play in a friendly, informal setting to our after school students and other young players in the community.


Summer Tennis

The primary purpose of this program, with the help of many individuals and friends of the Southern California Tennis Association and the LA84 Foundation, is to provide an atmosphere in which juniors can gain tennis experience and personal growth. The program features instruction with an emphasis in learning the basic tennis skills, having fun and sportsmanship.


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