Courts and Equipment Sized Right for Kids!

Kid Sized Courts

Youth tennis offers growing court sizes for growing kids! Kids learn the fundamentals of the game on a 36′ x 18′ Red Court. As their skills and efficiency improve, the 60′ x 27′ Orange Court is ready for them!

Shorter Racquets

Racquets sized right for kids make it easier for them to play the game with success! Kids can choose the racquet that fits their size and strength, making it easier for them to grip and swing. As they grow, the equipment grows with them!

Lower Bounce

Red, orange and green tennis balls allow kids to learn the game at an appropriate speed and bounce for their size and skill.  The larger red foam balls have a lower and slower bounce for kids just getting started playing tennis.  As their skills improve and they grow in size, kids can move on to the red, orange and eventually green tennis balls that have increasing speed and higher bounce.

After School Programs, FREE Clinics, Tennis Festivals & Play Days

To join a One All After School Tennis program, please visit our Tennis Programs page. One All is offering after school programs at select schools in the Cajon Valley Union School District.

Join One All for FREE TENNIS CLINICS every Saturday in April! Register today!

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